Much ado about nothing

Okay,so am not exactly a pro blogger or even a rookie one for that matter.Am just a lazy dude who is fascinated by writing;seeing people playing with words in different ways to produce a finish filled with aesthetic this is my first piece and i hope to write many more.

The other day, i was involved in an argument with my brother about ‘love’.My point was that love is overrated and if we think about it closely,its just a decision.Think about it,what really makes you say you love someone?isn’t it just a decision you made?cant you just as well stop loving the same person?

In all the many chick flicks i have watched,the realization of the girl that she loves someone usually strikes like a lightning bolt,as if its something beyond their control,well in actual sense they’ve just convinced themselves that they love someone.

don't you think its overrated/

Have you ever thought of the difference between love and like?and don’t say love is more like.Is there a line between these two emotions?Think,how far does like go and where does love begin?What makes it appropriate to tell a girl on your first date that you like her but inappropriate to tell her you love her?

I think its these subtleties about relationships that women use to give men hell.Think about it.



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