So today while listening to my lecturer harping about something i cant seem to recall at the moment,i thought to myself,what am i doing here?how did i end up in this mess?I felt like leaving the lecture to go and ‘live my life’ as they say.Fortunately for my parents,i ended up sitting though the class,and the one after it.

My urge however got me thinking about how my life doesn’t seem to be mine.Sometimes i feel as though am an outsider:watching my life drift by.I mean,my schoolwork’s pretty much all cut out for me,sparing a few hours for study is mandatoy for the course i am pursuing,my social life is virtually non existent(apart fom the girl in class whom i wink at,she probably thinks i have seizures all the time,evidenced by the worried looks she thows back in my direction!).

So as you can see,i dont have the choice of spontaneity in my life(though i realise that if it is predetermined,its pobably not spontaneous).its as though my life is scripted and all i am,is a character in a book about me.I know   by now you are probably thinking,’dude you have a boring life’,but i think its actually interesting knowing that my life isn’t in my hands but in my author’s quill(cool?  yeah i know).all i can do right now is sit back and wait for what the next page holds for me(as long as it doesn’t involve taking an arrow to the knee, wth??)


About thespeare

My spaceship left me here for a reconnaissance mission before we take over your world(as if pollution needed our help!....hehe)
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